Insurance and Rates

We accept the following insurances:
- Regence Blue Shield
- Premera Blue Cross
‚Äč- LifeWise of Washington
- Aetna
- First Choice
- Kaiser Permanente
- Blue Cross Blue Shield (out of state)

You may be able to access our services through other insurance companies if your policy allows "Out of Network" providers. Please contact your insurance provider to inquire if this is an option. Please check your coverage carefully by calling your insurance company's customer service.


Initial Psychiatric Evaluation/Diagnostic Interview, 60-90 min (required to establish care) $275- $400
Medical Monitoring Low Complexity Follow Up 99213 $125
Medical Monitoring Medium Complexity Follow Up 99214 $195
Medical Monitoring High Complexity Follow Up 99215 $275
Psychotherapeutic intervention during medication management visit if needed/ requested
Psychotherapeutic Interaction 16-37 min 90833 $115
Psychotherapeutic Interaction 38-52 min 98836 $150
Psychotherapeutic Interaction 53+ min 90838 $190
Psychiatric evaluation as a second opinion, medical record review and report summarized for specific purpose (per hour) $550

Therapy Sessions with Therapist

Initial 90 minutes session $175
Weekly 50 minute session $150

We accept : cash, checks and credit card.